Spread Monitor Indicator For MT4/MT5 Download Free

The spread indicator is an indicator used for representing the difference between bids and price security. It can be used to assess the currency pairs. It helps the traders for entering and exit in the trade quickly. This indicator is available for both short term traders and long term traders. It used to detect large changings in the market trend.

It is a very simple indicator and it can be downloaded easily in any broker but this indicator is specially designed for Meta trader platforms and Forex trading system. This indicator also gives precise measurements to buy and sells signals.

Candle Time And Spread Line Indicator MT4

This indicator plots the signals on the histogram chart in vertical lines.it also identifies the supply and demand of the currency pairs. This indicator helps the traders to make a risk free trade. This indicator also helps the traders to find out which place is best to buy entry,

pip spread indicator mt4

when we have to set buy, and when we have to place buy exit. It also helps the traders to know about sell strategies like where to place sell entry, where to sell and which place is best for sell exit. This indicator uses a specific formula for its precise measurement. The formula is given below:


Spread = (Close (market1, n)/Close (market2, n))*100

Median Renko V5

Non Repaint Reversal Indicator

RSI Divergence Indicator


The spread indicator uses different parameters that help the traders in easy understanding. These parameters enable the traders to detect the currency pair’s changings and the market trend changings. The parameters are listed below:

spread monitor indicator mt4

  • Custom Pip Size: with the help of this parameter, the traders can customize the size of pip.
  • Decimal Places: with the help of this parameter traders can place the decimal in the specific level or the pip.
  • Alert If Spread Above: this parameter helps the traders to detect the market changings when the spread is above the pip, it sends alerts on screen and email.
  • Alert Native: helps to send alerts
  • Alert Sound: this parameter helps the trader by putting sound alerts
  • Alert Email: this parameter helps the trader by putting email alerts and notifications.
  • Alert Notification: puts a notification on a mobile screen
  • Draw Label: draw the signals on the indicator chart
  • Font_ colour: helps in changing the font colour
  • Font _size: helps in changing the font size
  • Label font colour: helps in changing the specific font colour
  • Label font size: helps in changing the specific font size

Swing Index Indicator

Download Pip Spread Indicator MT4 Free

The MT4 spread indicator has many uses which I have mentioned below. The most important use of this indicator is that it is used for non-major currency pairs. It can use all the currency pairs with all the timeframes for a profitable trade. This indicator has different parameters.

This indicator has one another advantage this indicator likewise gives 15% reward when you have finished $500 benefit with the assistance of this pointer.

This pointer likewise utilizes diverse periods and it is utilized with each cash sets. This indicator also measures spread in pips. This is the best indicator used for indicating spreads in currency pairs and pips. This indicator also helps to make a risk free trade.