Most Profitable Ozymandias Indicator For MT4

Trade was a complex process but traders and brokers were always working to make it easier for trader and they were so determinant for reducing risk rate and they have developed many indicators and strategies. Indicator is just like trade assistant indicators are used interpret market moves and trend.

What is Ozymandias indicator?

Market is always fluctuating up and down sometimes for longer but sometimes it is just a swing that make trades risky is a traffic noise. Many trades leave trades just because of these noises. Ozymandias indicator is an indicator that clarify market picture and eliminate theses noises this indicator helps you to ride a trend for longer.

Ozymandias indicator mt5

Ozymandias indicator is easy and simple to use.  Ozymandias indicator improve trades by providing a smooth upward and downward movement of trend and it can be set in between 1 to 4 range.

Essential qualities of Ozymandias indicator.

  • Platform are: Meta Trader 4
  • Use different colour line (any colour) on graph.
  • Timeframe: short term few minutes, few hours and day short time is preferred.
  • Trade time: any
  • Recommended brokers: IQ option, Forex4you, Alpari.

How Ozymandias indicator works:

Ozymandias indicator draw two different colour lines around price line. Colour line demonstrate price range of an instrument.

Signals Indicator

Best Profitable Indicator

Buy:  when market is at bottom but above overbought region and blue line show upward trend and start to move towards the average price. Stop or exit trade when market move break above the average line.

How to Use Ozymandias Indicator

Sell: when market is at top but below oversold region and red line show downward trend and start to move in toward the average price. Stop or exit trade when market move break below the average line.

Over sold: when price line moves low lower than price average line it is oversold region, sometime trend take longer time in oversold region.

Overbought:  when price line moves high higher than price average line it is overbought region, sometime trend take longer time in overbought region.

Wolfe Wave indicator

Over bought and over sold region are risky but they can generate higher profits out of trade.

Uses or advantages of Ozymandias indicator:

  • Ozymandias indicator improve trades by providing a smooth upward and downward movement of trend.
  • Ozymandias indicator main uses is that it eliminates market sharp swings and also it provides signals for market trends out, reversal, and duration.
  • Ozymandias indicator helps to find strong support and resistance levels.
  • Ozymandias indicator is used by traders just because they can trade with minimum risk because it eliminates false outs.
  • Ozymandias indicator helps to spot over sold and overbought regions on fluctuating chart and it helps to leave behind immediate reversal in trend. It helps to avoid sudden market shock.

Disadvantages of Ozymandias indicator

Ozymandias indicator eliminate all price sudden moves so it cannot be used for longer time period. Sometimes Ozymandias indicator repaint so have to combine with indicator. This indicator requires a lot of practice before trading in real market.